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A broken computer can lead to a massive amount of frustration as it can prevent you from completing vital tasks for work and school, as well as other things. At LWB Computer Services I provide expert computer repair services to ensure your computer is free from viruses as well as diagnosing any connectivity issues you may be having. Whether it’s a faulty fan or blown fuse, I work on computers and laptops of all brands and fix the problem quickly, all at a fair price. Call me on 07942871990 to find out more.

Computer Specialist

Are you having issues with your computer or laptop? Do not fret! I am able to carry out repairs on most makes and models of laptops and computers. Whether your computer is running slowly, your software isn’t working properly or you have a nasty virus, I will be able to banish your problem for good. My workmanship is a point of pride for me, so have no fear: you'll always get the highest quality repairs possible from my business.

Bespoke & tailored work

My energy and excitement have allowed me to help customers far and wide, gaining my business a reputation for quality in the world of computer repairs. I am trusted, respected and promise you a great service that will get your beloved tech up and running before you know it. I make everything easy to understand for customers and always charge fair (and competitive) prices.


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General Pricing


Most jobs are charged at a flat rate of £25 an hour

System reload with backup and restore


If your computer Operating system becomes damaged we can backup files and remove it and start afresh. This is time consuming and must come into the workshop

Storgage/SSD Upgrades


An upgrade to an SSD to improve system performance starts from £60 with a SSD provided. This takes a long time and will need to come into the workshop for repair


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